Predatorguiding! Fishing for Predators with Pro Guides
01. August 2021
Why do we love pike fishing - and especially in Ireland? As professional guides both Luca Nardin and Pierre Monjarret, team angler at CWC and owner of ‚predatorguiding‘ - a Irish fishing guiding business, have developed a passion for all predator species, topped by the ultimate king of the sweet waters - the Esox Lucius, commonly known as pike. ...........
For big pike on the Volkerak - The Mecca of predator anglers
17. May 2021
For years, Oude Tonge has been the starting point for the fishing adventures on the Volkerak of Luca Nardin, fishing guide ‚' and, together with Pierre Monjarret, also the founder of 'Predatorguiding'.

Nomen est Omen - Predatorguiding! Fishing for Predators with Pro Guides
13. May 2021
Pike, Brown Trout and Perch - all predator species who guarantee for exceptional experiences and fishing adventures. Ireland is well known to offer the nature loving angler unforgettable memories. That’s what ‚Predatorguiding‘ stands for.