Fishing in Ireland and the Netherlands

We have selected the best fishing waters for predators in Europe: Ireland and the Netherlands. Here we enjoy fishing and want your dream to come true. Join us and experience great moments catching pike, perch, trouts or zander.


Lough Derg

Lough Derg, historically Lough Dergart (Irish: Loch Deirgeirt) is a freshwater lake in the Shannon River Basin, Ireland.

It is the third-biggest on the island of Ireland (after Lough Neagh and Lough Corrib).

It is a long, narrow lake, with shores in counties Clare (south-west), Galway (north-west), and Tipperary (to the east). It is the southernmost of three large lakes on the River Shannon; the others being Lough Ree and Lough Allen.


Towns and villages on Lough Derg include Portumna, Killaloe & Ballina, Dromineer, Terryglass, Mountshannon and Garrykennedy.


This water will be you main target during your holiday you will find an impressive number of large pike , trout and perch .



The Volkerak is a waterway in the Rhein-Maas delta. In the east it is connected to the Hollands Diep and Haringvliet via the Volkerak locks and is about 63 square kilometres in size. The width is about 2-4 km and it is 6-13 m deep. Directly at the Volkerak there is also a nature reservation.


In former times the Volkerak was a pure zander water and today it has become an important pike reserve. In the Volkerak there are incredibly big pike! Capital fish of over 120 cm or over 20 kilos are regularly caught. The population is large and catches are always possible.


The water has become much clearer in the last few years, which means less zander, but is ideal for pike. However, very large zander are still caught in this water. Perch are common in the Volkerak in size XXL! Even a fish of 50cm is not rare!

At the Volkerak we fish with Shads, Jerkbaits, Wobbler and surely also with Streamer which are presented at the fly rod.

River Shannon

The river Shannon is the longest river in Ireland at 360km.


The population of pike is impressive with large specimen up to 18 kg.


During your fishing holidays with us you will have the opportunity to test and catch some strong pike of this beautiful wild river.


The Hollands Diep is about 21 km long and is also a coastal inland waterway. It is therefore also a very large water body with an area of about 4000 hectares. The Hollands Diep is divided in the west into the Haringvliet and the Volkerak.


It is an excellent zander and perch water. The ideal fishing technique is vertical fishing. Also capital pike are native in these waters and the shallower areas invite to fish for these predators.


Interesting in these waters, as well as in the Haringvliet, are the extremely seasonally fluctuating flow rates and thus also level fluctuations of almost two meters.

Small Lakes

The county Clare have a good number of smaller lakes around 15 in total. With a good population of pike.


Smaller lakes can be a perfect option during your week if the wind is too strong for the big lake or if you want to try for something different.


The Haringvliet is an inland waterway in South Holland directly connected to the Hollandsdiep and covers more than 4000 hectares. It is 28 km long, 800 - 3150 m wide and between 8 - 39 m deep.


Also in this water there are countless possibilities for fishing. Perch, zander, asp and pike are caught in good numbers. The perch in these waters reach gigantic sizes and even exceed the magic limit of 50cm!