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Our goal is to offer our guests an unforgettable fishing experience! Ideally also with the dream fish. It is possible to break your record on these waters. Of course there is no guarantee. Fishing for big pike, perch and trout is always hard work and luck has to be right. But fishing for predatory fish is pure adrenaline. The hard strikes from nowhere, the fantastic drills. That's what you have to experience!


We take care of the fishing licenses, the accommodation and have safe, fast and comfortable guiding boats to take you to the best places. You can fully focused on the fishing. That at the end of the day hopefully also your dream fish was caught.


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Pierre Monjarret

Year of Birth: 1986

Nationality: French

Fish of choice: The pike, but in general all predatory species

Fishing style: All techniques to catch pike, most favorite one is fishing with jerk baits

Favorite destination abroad: Sweden

Biggest fish: Pike 127cm, Trout 85.5cm

Most special fish: My 127cm Pike during Fly vs Jerk 10

Spoken language: French, English

Fishing for: Catch with Care (CWC), since 2012


The passion for fishing started together with my father when I was 3 years old. My grandparents where the owner’s of a nice little lake in Charente (France) and I spend all my childhood there fishing for perch, pike, zander and carp.


When I get old enough to go on my own I started fishing for carp on the river la Vienne and then this turned into an addiction. In the following years I have fished then most of the famous waters in France and Spain for carp.


In 2006, I decided to turn this passion into my profession and started a one-year guiding school in Brittany. Which I successfully completed in 2007 and then moved straight to the Emerald Isle to work as a fishing guide for a French company.

In the following years I spent a lot of time on this big lake, the Lough Derg, trying to figure out how to catch these big Irish pike.


After more than 15 years as a fishing guide on this water, I decided to take the chance together with Luca Nardin and we founded a lodge for predator anglers, Predatorguiding Ltd. This has become to one of the hotspots in Europe for pike fishing. We have been running Predatorguiding for 2 years now and it has been a great success.

Our goal is always to improve the guiding service to make your fishing holiday an unforgettable memory.

Luca Nardin

Year of Birth: 1995

Nationality: Swiss

Fish of choice: Pike

Fishing style: Casting for pike, preferred in the weeds

Favourite destination abroad: Kéré for Saltwater, Netherlands for freshwater

Biggest fish: Pike 133cm

Most special fish: My first 120cm pike

Spoken language: German, English, French

Fishing for: Catch with Care (CWC), since 2021


It was my father who introduced me into fishing at a pretty early age. On various trips throughout Europe, I was able to get to know a wide variety of fishing early on.


In 2018 I decided to become a professional fishing guide and started my first company offering fishing trips in the Netherlands.


2021 Pierre and I then decided to found Predatorguiding Ltd. in Ireland and have been running it successfully since the foundation.

Seeing clients happy when they catch their first or a special fish is what motivates me. All the work that goes on in addition to the time on the water brings a good change and it is extremely enjoyable to run a company and develop it even further.

Laurent Brégier

Year of Birth: 1988

Nationality: French

Fish of choice: Pike

Fishing style: Big Bait/Traction/Cranking

Favorite destination abroad: Ireland

Biggest fish: Pike 125cm, Trout 68cm, Zander 93cm

Most special fish: A 117.5cm pike that I have caught in 2023, fishing first time on Lough Musk while fishing for trout. Some people say it was luck.

Spoken language: French, English

Fishing for: -


I've been passionate about fishing since I was a child, and was introduced to Ireland by my father over 30 years ago.

After forging my skills on a wide range of predators in France and abroad, in freshwater and at sea, I went back to my roots to hunt down Master Esox on my favourite playground’s.


Over the last 15 years I have travelled to Ireland several times a year and fished various lakes and rivers throughout the country.

However, most of my time has been spent on Lough Derg and the surrounding area. In the early days of my fishing trips to Ireland. I often fished from land or the belly boat and in recent years it was mainly fishing from my boat.


At the moment I am studying to become a professional fishing guide at the guiding school in France and do an internship at the Predatorguiding Lodge at the same time.

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