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Our goal with guiding is to offer our guests an unforgettable fishing experience! Ideally also with the dream fish. It is possible to break your record on these waters. Of course there is no guarantee. Fishing for big pike, perch and zander is always hard work and luck has to be right. But fishing for predatory fish is pure adrenaline. The hammer-hard bites from nowhere, the fantastic drills. That's what you have to experience!


We take care of the fishing licenses, the holiday home and have safe, fast and comfortable guiding boats to take you to the best places. You can fully concentrate on fishing. So that at the end of the day hopefully also your dream fish was caught.


Ready to GO FISHING?

Pierre Monjarret

Pierre Monjarret, BPJEPS qualified professional fishing guide.

Passionate about fishing since my childhood, settled in Ireland in Killaloe on the banks of Lough Derg since 2007. 

Joined the CWC Strike Pro team in 2012.


I invite you to discover or deepen the fishing techniques to catch the giant pikes of Lough Derg.


Luca Nardin

Luca Nardin, professional fishing guide - a youngster, but unlimited in the passion to fish for predators: pikes, zander and perches. Fishing for pike, zander and perch has become one of my great passions and the focus of my life.


I am based on the lake Volkerak, in Oude-Tonge in the Netherlands, fishing mainly on the Volkerak, Haringvliet and the famous Hollands Diep.



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